There are now more choirs across the UK

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There are now more choirs across the UK than fish and chip shops! This article highlights the significant health benefits singing provides!

Robert Wyatt of Sixties rock group Soft Machine saw the end to his drumming career when he broke his back. Faced with the aftermath of depression and drinking problems, he found singing to be his saviour.

We have all heard of doctors recommending physical exercise and increased movement as a sure way of encouraging the body to heal emotionally, but should our GP’s instead be sending patients to join the local choir?

“Singing is the best free drug going,” says Wyatt, “It does what exercise does and more.”

There is further evidence to show that singing could have a significant impact on the health of the individual, be it mental or physical. Lead author Professor Stephen Clift points out the previous research behind singing; “Like walking, singing has always been taken for granted – it’s just something people have always done. ┬áJust as walking is now being prescribed , the benefits of singing for health are slowly being rediscovered by health practitioners.”

A recent study has shown the increase in the number of community singing groups throughtout the UK, with figures showing there are now more choirs than fish and chip shops!

Many people have reported the benefits of singing, from helping fight depression and anxiety, to helping individuals control their breathing and increase blood flow.

You can read more on Robert Wyatt’s story and other people that have improved their health through singing, in the following article by The Independent;