Wrexham Community Choir – welcomes new choir members to join choir practice tonight at 7.30pm

Wrexham Community Choir is inviting new members to join their weekly practices every Tuesday evening, The choir has been meeting weekly since it formed at the beginning of 2012 and is open to everyone, regardless of age, experience or singing ability – there are no auditions, no need to read music – simply turn up and join in.

Choir Organiser, Wendy Paintsil said “ Many people think they can’t sing but we believe everyone has a voice and singing together in a large group can help people gain confidence plus there are the benefits of having fun, making new friends and having opportunities to get involved in other activities in Wrexham and further afield”

WCC Poland 2014-10
The choir meets every Tuesday from 7.30pm – 9.30pm in the Wrexham Methodist Church Everyone is welcome – from seasoned singers to terrified beginners. Cost £3.00. £2.00 concessions. For more information contact Wendy Paintsil on 01978 290680 or wendy@wrexhamchoir.co.uk

Wrexham Community Choir returns from performances in Poland

Fifty members of Wrexham Community Choir have just returned from a visit to Międzychód in Poland where they were the invited guests of the Lutnia Choir and the Międzychód Centre for Arts and Culture.
The three day visit, included several performances and the opportunity to visit Miedzychod and local cultural and heritage sights organised by the local community. The highlights of the visit included singing at a choir festival at the Centre for Arts and Culture and an evening performance at the lakeside in Miedzychod.

Wendy Paintsil, organiser of Wrexham Community Choir said “ This was an incredible experience for Wrexham Community Choir. We were treated with the utmost kindness and friendship and were all overwhelmed by the hospitality of our hosts . We are now working towards a return visit by the Lutnia Choir to Wrexham next summer .”

Carol Donaldson, Musical Director of Wrexham Community Choir said “ Our repertoire includes many songs from across the world and we were thrilled to collaborate with the Lutnia Choir. Singing together breaks down all barriers and we had many magical moments sharing our songs”

Wrexham Community Choir is open to new members to come along to join their weekly practices and sing their hearts out at weekly practices which are held at the Methodist Church on Regent Street, Wrexham from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The choir, formed two years ago, is open to everyone, regardless of age or experience. There is no upper limit to numbers – the more the merrier. There are no auditions, no need to read music and everyone is invited to turn up and join in.
Meeting the Mayor for Wrexham before flying to POland

WCC Poland 2014-10


The choir is also beginning new collaborative work with Martin Daws, the Young People’s Laureate for Wales and on 30th September are holding a singing workshop and performance with Northern Harmony, a world renowned a cappella group from Vermont, USA. Everyone is welcome to get involved.

Northern Harmony World Music Choir in Wrexham September 30th

NH-14-photo-2-SMNorthern Harmony, the unique world music vocal ensemble based in Vermont, USA, presents a concert and singing workshop in Wrexham on Tuesday 30 September at 7.30 pm at Wrexham Methodist Church, Regent Street.

The sixteen brilliant singers, led by Larry Gordon have been invited by Wrexham Community Choir to present a thrilling mix of world harmony traditions including South African songs, traditional polyphony from Georgia, Corsica, and the Balkans, American shape-note singing and quartet gospel. Now on their sixteenth European tour, Northern Harmony has won a wide reputation for their remarkable command of the different singing styles and timbres appropriate to these different traditions.

Northern Harmony is the highest level performing group under the umbrella of the world music organisation Village Harmony and most of the members have studied traditional singing styles first hand with teachers in South Africa, Bulgaria, Corsica and Caucasus Georgia.

Shape-note singing, one of Northern Harmony’s trademarks, had its origins in the community singing schools of 18th century New England. It features stark, open harmonies and rhythmic sections. The concert will also feature traditional and contemporary arrangements of 1930’s gospel quartet numbers, with tight harmonies and catchy rhythms.

South Africa has a particularly powerful and appealing folk harmony singing tradition, with a rich, resonant vocal sound, and wonderfully syncopated rhythm.

Georgia’s ancient three-part harmony singing tradition features a dark, sonorous vocal quality, and startling harmonies, unlike anything in European music. Traditional Corsican singing, passed down through oral tradition, features two highly ornamented upper voices over a more sustained harmonic bass. The excitement for the listeners and singers both comes from the impassioned delivery, the surprising harmonic shifts which ripple from voice to voice, and the buzzing vocal timbre which creates an extremely powerful sound rich in overtones.

Northern Harmony also performs a wide variety of village music from the Balkan countries. This music features the characteristic bright, “hard-voiced” Balkan vocal timbre with dissonant harmonies. Many of these songs are accompanied by clarinet, accordion, fiddle and tambura.

The singing workshop is open to everyone 14+ – no experience necessary – the Northern Harmony singers will help support each vocal part, making the teaching rewarding. Admission at the door is £7/£5 for the workshop and concert. For more information or to book a place phone 01978 290680 or email wendy@wrexhamchoir.co.uk

Wrexham Community Choir – practice tonight

Wrexham Community Choir will be meeting tonight for their weekly singing session at the Methodist Church in Wrexham from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join us and share the fun of singing in a large group. No experience is necessary and there’s no need to read music. Just turn up and sing.

Tonight we’ll be beginning a new project with Martin Dawes the Young People’s Laureate for Wales – a mix of poetry, music and song for a performance next month.



Concert & Singing Workshop by American vocal ensemble, Northern Harmony in Wrexham on 30th September

Wrexham Community Choir is delighted to host, Northern Harmony , the unique world-music vocal ensemble from Vermont in the USA, who will be performing for the first time in Wrexham and running a singing workshop  to share their incredible  songs and voices. 

Northern Harmony is the highest level performing group under the Village Harmony umbrella. Since 1993 they have toured and performed widely throughout America and Europe to great critical acclaim.  Transcending the traditional definition of choral music, the group is particularly renowned for its command of varied world singing styles, from the hearty and ultra bright Bulgarian “hard voice” to the equally powerful Georgian timbre, from the rich, mellifluous South African style or the unrestrained American shape-note sound to a delicate, pure, early music timbre.

Northern HarmonyWendy Paintsil, Organiser of Wrexham Community Choir said “We are delighted that Northern Harmony are coming to Wrexham – they have a world reputation and we hope as many people will come along and take part in the workshop and enjoy the performance”

Join Larry Gordon and Northern Harmony for a singing workshop including American shape-note singing, gospel, and South African song. Northern Harmony singers will support each vocal part, making the teaching particularly efficient and rewarding. No experience necessary. The workshop will be followed  by a concert of world harmony traditions including South African songs and dances, traditional polyphony from Georgia, Corsica, and the Balkans, American shape-note singing and quartet gospel.

At the Wrexham Methodist Church, Regent Street, Wrexham – Tuesday 30th September at 7.30pm Admission is £7.  Contact 01978 290680 for more information