Our Team

Wrexham Community Choir was co-founded by Carol Donaldson and Wendy Paintsil in 2012

Carol Donaldson – Co-Founder and Musical Director

2014-07-12 09.49.29Growing out of her experience of teaching over 200 songs as part of her theatre work, Carol has developed over the last 10 years as a Choral Director.  She uses  the Natural Voice approach as she believes we all have a voice but are often too scared to use it.  Carol  is an accomplished Musical Director and composer, with 20 years experience as a Musical Director in theatre and numerous TV commercial and theme tune credits to her name.

Carol has run choirs for health with Macmillan’s and the Stroke Association and created in house choirs for business and organisations including Erddig Hall and Moneypenny.

Carol was recently the Choir Director on the acclaimed Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014 television advert. In July 2014 she conducted 1,000 singers for the 2014 National Street Choirs Festival and is currently the composer and Musical Director of a new musical “Dreamer’s” written by Cathy Crabb and Lindsay Williams which opens at the Oldham Coliseum in June and is expected to sell out.

Carol was Musical Director and composer on ‘Slave’ for Feelgood Theatre which won the 2011 Pete Postlethwaite award for Best New Play. 

As well as co-founding Wrexham Community Choir, Carol has  run several community choirs including OPEN VOICE  in Manchester, the Melody Macs for MacMillans and Calder Vallley Voices in Hebden Bridge.

Wendy Paintsil – Co Founder and Creative Director 

@67 PICS 282Wendy began her professional career as a Radio Producer at Marcher Sound in Wrexham and then moved to Liverpool where she worked as a Trainer in broadcasting skills for the pioneering Aerial Trust.  She was  a music presenter on Toxteth Community Radio and was a contributor to arts programmes on BBC  radio . She worked in Ghana as a Radio Producer and Trainer,  producing programmes to support a Mass National Adult Literacy and Numeracy Campaign. Here, she also established a co-operative with fisherwomen and was responsible for health programming  and producing music & drama programmes on location. Wendy’s radio career continued until she became a Researcher and Press Officer in Wrexham for 14 years  and in  2009  she established an award winning social enterprise.

In 2014, Wendy launched a new media company, Heb Ffiniau (  Without Borders).  This exciting new venture allows Wendy to work as a publicist and producer working on film and sound projects and providing training in key creative industry skills .


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