Singing Workshops

Team Building Workshops

We run team building singing workshops for businesses, events, community groups and in the workplace

Our workshops are inclusive,  full of fun, laughter and stress reducing activities – all taught in a fun environment .

The workshops utilise  vocal techniques,  warm up exercises, singing well known songs and songs from around the world. There’s no need to read music and everyone is involved.

Most people believe they can’t sing but we believe everyone has a voice but may just be afraid to use it. With our guidance everyone can take part and within a short time we guarantee we can have a group of beginners singing four part harmonies and making a brilliant sound.

Singing builds team spirit
Singing in a large group sees barriers breaking down and singing together is a fun shared experience which builds cohesion within a group.

Singing Improves Concentration – Singing helps with concentration and makes people feel good.  It improves focus, breathing, is a great stress relief and raises endorphin levels.

We can provide a workshop to suit you r requirements from one hour to  a half or full day courses are available. We can cater for any number of participants in one session

Contact us to find out how we can create a workshop to suit your needs.