What our members say about us

“Wrexham Community Choir is 2 hours of pure enjoyment – it should be available on prescription”

“I am reassured at the sense of community in Wrexham and it’s good to all to get together to sing”

“I now feel part of the community – I recently moved to Wrexham and this is a great way to meet people”

“Wrexham Community Choir has changed my life- it’s just so therapeutic and I feel so happy now – something to look forward to and makes me feel so alive”

I’m one of those people who has been told all her life she could not sing, I was very very apprehensive about joining. I really enjoyed myself, and  look to each Tuesday evening. “

“I am so proud to be able to say that I’m a member of the Wrexham Community Choir”

“We sound absolutely brilliant! It is so amazing how it all comes together. What a great director we have!”

“I feel really proud to be part of such a wonderful community choir. Have made some lovely friends too.”

“I’ve been looking for a choir for 10 years and have now found what I am looking for”

“This choir has lightened my life”

“The choir is very joyous and look forward to coming every week – I have really benefited a lot to have this choir in my life.”


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